For Homeowners & Gardeners

5 Essential Practices for a Sustainable Landscape
* Content & photos provided by Seattle Public Utilities, Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, and Saving Water Partnership.

DESIGN using the right plant in the right place

• Consider the site’s soil, sun, shade, water, and wind patterns to help plants thrive with less work and resources.
• Choose plants for their beauty, ability to thrive, and resistance to pests and diseases.
• Select plants with low water needs and/or natives, and group them according to their water needs.
• Space for the mature size and shape of plants to avoid “shrink-to-fit” pruning.
• Plan for easy long-term maintenance.

PLAN for efficient irrigation

• Water efficiently. Use drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and/or state-of-the-art technologies, such as smart controllers with rain sensors.
• Water plants regularly until they are established.
• As plants mature, water deeply and less often to help them develop healthy,
deeper roots.

SOIL is the foundation

• Healthy soil contains rich life, which nourishes plants naturally.
• Use compost, mulch, organic fertilizers, and mulch-mowing to help feed soil life and plants.
• Amend and loosen soil as needed whenever you plant.

INSTALL plants for strong, deep roots.

• Plant at the proper depth and width, spreading roots fully.
• Water deeply when planting.
• Avoid compacting soil, and apply mulch after planting.

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