ecoPRO Study Materials

ecoPRO required study materials must be ordered separately.

  1. ecoPRO required reading handbook
    The ecoPRO Handbook is available for purchase in hardcopy or eBook format.  Cost $22.82: Click here to purchase an e-copy of the ecoPRO Handbook.  To purchase hardcopy Cost: $49.95. Click here to purchase your copy.
  2. FREE DOWNLOAD – ecoPRO Required Reading List, Supplemental Materials, Additional Resources
  3. FREE DOWNLOAD – ecoPRO Guiding Principles & Best Practices
  4. eFREE DOWNLOAD – ecoPRO Program Policies & Continuing Education Requirements
  5. Noxious Weed Control Board – Noxious Weed List introduction

Click here to see an example of the 3-day ecoPRO Training Schedule.