About ecoPRO

ecoPRO Sustainable Landscape Professional Certification Program is the first program to provide sustainable land care education and certification to landscape professionals across Washington State. Program goals include:

  1. Providing credentials to qualified professionals
  2. Offering consumers a means to judge qualifications;
  3. Being the State’s industry standard for sustainable land care
  4. Making a positive impact on water quality and public health.

The ecoPRO Sustainable Landscape Professional Certification Program offers advanced certification  available throughout Washington State for individual landscape professionals. Individuals must meet program eligibility and testing requirements to become certified.

The ecoPRO Sustainable Landscape Professional Certification Program publishes best practices for sustainable landscaping, administers a training program that teaches best practices, publishes study materials, administers a certification examination, and renews certified individuals who show proof of continuing education in sustainable best landscape practices gained over the previous three years.

The ecoPRO training is not required for certification; however, it is highly recommended that individuals seeking certification attend a training conducted by the ecoPRO program or an approved education partner. The training is designed to be an advanced training and assumes participants have entry knowledge of landscape design, construction, and maintenance practices as well as field experience. Individuals who both meet eligibility requirements and are seeking certification will be given first priority for training registration.

The ecoPRO certification program is administered by Washington State Nursery &
Landscape Association (WSNLA) and Washington Association of Landscape
Professionals (WALP). WSNLA & WALP, as partners, work together to ensure a unified standard within the horticultural industry that also enhances marketing, networking, and educational opportunities.

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